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1.We Retweet (RT) When we can.
2.We will try to RT events happening that day
3.We will not simply follow someone because they have the letters DJ on their name. But hey if we are following you go ahead co-sign them.
5. With our website up, recommend gear, sites, stories, blogs and services we should know about.
6.If you, a DJ, owns or co-owns a site, we will link it.
7.You are not affiliated with an event if your name is not on it.
8.We will red flag you for endorsing of recommending some bullshit.
9.We gonna try to spread it around- we may not RT all your 7 days 7 events tweets & flyers.
10. We are not gonna monitor tweeter 24/7. If it's crucial, you can @ us to bnring it to our attention. Give us time no last minute @s.
11. Tweeter being a Social Network we will still RT your funny, educational, deep or silly tweets.
12. Tell your people to follow so when we send info out, more people get it.